Advanced modelling is one of the distinguishing features of the company and is taken account in each of the five model groups as
  • Advanced mechanical modelling: Special plastic and creep constitutive equations have been introduced in calculations as user subroutines (UMAT, or USERCREEP) in the commercial numerical codes ANSYS and ABAQUS.

  • Advanced fracture modelling: The complete fracture process has been introduced in modelling by means of the cohesive crack theory and user element subroutines (UEL).

  • Advanced thermal modelling: The numerical implementation of our thermal models take account the effect of PCMs, materials that suffer a phase change from solid two liquid, considering two possibilities: enthalpy law or the specific heat capacity.

  • Advanced hygrothemal modelling: The hygrothermal models introduce heat, air and moisture transfer inside the solid, solving the heat and moisture transport equations. The implementation of Heat, Air and Moisture models has been performed introducing transport equations by means of user equations in FLUENT.

  • Advanced CFD modelling: The CFD models permit to consider complex boundary condition as Wind Driven Rain or rainwater run-off.


AMS offers the customization of numerical codes to adjust the customer needs. Some examples of these special tasks are:

  • Plug-in ad hoc
  • ABAQUS menu customization
  • Parametric calculations in ABAQUS, ANSYS WORKBENCH
  • Scripting in PYTHON.
Our knowledge of the numerical tool permits us to offer the possibility to introduced special boundary conditions that are not implemented in commercial software 

  • Cyclic symmetry contacts
  • Choosing cyclic symmetry degrees of freedom
  • Control node displacement calculation without applied load

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